Geiser's Garage

We don't guess we test!

Located in Dellroy Ohio, just a few minutes north of the Atwood Lake east marina, Geiser's Garage has been offering full service automotive and light truck repair for over forty years. We take pride in our well equipped garage and knowledgeable staff to provide you with quality and courteous service.

Our satisfied customers travel from all around the area to visit our garage. So whether you live in Stark, Tuscarawas, Harrison, or Columbiana counties, or live nearby right here in Carroll County, give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

Gieser's Garage

7140 Halo Rd. NW
Dellroy, Ohio  44620

Phone: 330-735-2153
Ask for Dustin or John


Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am -to- 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Closed major holidays

Appointments are encouraged
We accept cash, check, and most credit cards

Well Equipped Garage

The complexity of cars and trucks has continued to increase. From the engine to the brakes, and everything in between, it now takes modern equipment to perform the diagnostics and repairs that these vehicles require. At Geiser's Garage we offer a shop that is well equipped and maintained with the latest equipment. We are ready to offer the services that will get you back on the road.

  • Computerized laser wheel alignment system
  • Snap-on engine diagnostic system
  • Viper GT A/C Recycling System
  • Snap-on D-Tec charging system analyzer
  • EVAP diagnostic smoke machine
  • Three 5 ton hydraulic lifts

Services We Offer

  • Oil change
  • Charging system diagnostics and repair
  • Transmission fluid exchange
  • Brake system maintenance and repair
  • Cooling system maintenance and repair
  • Check engine light (CEL) diagnostics
  • EVAP diagnostics and repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tune-up and ignition system maintenance and repair
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Exhaust system inspection and repair
  • Air conditioning system maintenance and repair
  • Fuel system maintenance and repair
  • Power steering maintenance and repair
  • Inspection and replacement of belts and hoses
  • Safety inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Shocks, struts, and suspension maintenance and repair

Oil Change Plus

The Geiser's Garage Oil Change Plus provides not only an oil change for your vehicle, but we also perform additional services as a courtesy to our customers.   The Oil Change Plus includes the following services...

  • New oil filter
  • New premium motor oil
  • Check air filter
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Inspect and lubricate chassis as needed
  • Inspect tires
  • Check tire pressure
  • Perform basic safety inspection

Vehicle Safety Inspection

- Are you traveling for a vacation or to visit family?
- Do you have a child returning to college?
- Are you about to purchase a used car?
- Has it been a while since your car or light truck has had service?

Whether traveling a long distance from home, or needing reliable transportation for short errands, making sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition will help to insure that each journey is completed without problems.  As the reliability of motor vehicles has improved, and the mechanical complexity has increased, it has become difficult to find qualified service centers that can help in the event of an unexpected problem. A mechanical breakdown will quickly impede the best made travel plans. 

At Geiser's Garage we want to help make each journey, whether near or far, is a safe and pleasant one.  We offer a vehicle safety inspection service where we try to spot problems before they leave you stranded on the side of the road.  Our vehicle safety inspection includes the following...

Visual Inspections

  • Tires
  • Brake system
  • Exhaust system
  • Charging system
  • Head and tail lights
  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Fuel system
  • Ignition system
  • Air filter
  • Wiper blades
  • Emergency brake
  • Chassis
  • Power steering system
  • Shocks and struts
  • Suspension components

Fluid Level Checks

  • Engine coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid


  • Test battery capacity
  • Rotate tires, if needed
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Test engine coolant concentration

Please note:
The vehicle safety inspection does not include the cost to repair any problems that might be discovered. If a problem with the vehicle is revealed, Geiser's Garage will provide a quotation for any repairs and will seek consent from the customer before proceeding.  Fluids that are found to be below the vehicle manufacturer's recommended level will be filled at no charge using fluids that meet or exceed the manufacturer's recommendations.  Any fluids that are specific to the vehicle manufacture will incur an additional charge and customer approval will be sought before any action is taken.

3,000 miles

Oil Change

When using conventional motor oil it should be changed every 3,000 miles.  If using synthetic motor oil and a premium oil filter then the oil change can be extended to 6,000 miles. An oil change also provides the perfect opportunity to check other fluid levels and inspect other components for potential problems. 

6,000 miles

Tire Rotation

Tires are expensive to replace so maximizing the miles a set of tires can provide is a worthy goal.  Performing periodic tire rotations will help the tires wear evenly and extend the life of the tires. Rotating tires also offers the opportunity to check the tire pressure and inspect each tire for uneven wear, a sign that could indicate a suspension problem or the wheels are out of alignment.

12,000 miles


The air filter should be inspected at regular intervals and, depending on the driving environment, it may need to be replaced.  The brake system should also be inspected for signs of leaks and wear.  Over time the belts and hoses begin to deteriorate and so periodic inspection should also be performed.

30,000 miles

Replace Fuel Filter

The fuel filter cannot be inspected so it must be replaced at regular intervals. The fuel filter removes small particles that accumulate in the fuel tank over time.  As the fuel filter loses capacity it will cause the engine to hesitate during acceleration and lead to poor engine performance.

40,000 miles

Test Battery

The battery should receive periodic testing to verify that it has maintained the capacity necessary to provide reliable service. This is especially important when approaching the winter months where the cold weather will place a greater burden on the battery.  The typical life of a battery is five years, but regular testing can help prevent a surprise encounter with a dead battery.

60,000 miles

Replace Fluids

Engine coolant contains chemicals to lubricate the water pump and prevent corrosion of metal parts. It is important to replace the engine coolant at regular intervals.  Likewise, hydraulic fluids in the brake and power steering systems must provide lubrication.  Over time these fluids absorb moisture which leads to corrosion and should be replaced.